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One and Two-Line Hand-Held Labeling Systems

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With Primark labelers you can:

  • Quickly load and exchange ink rollers
  • Rely on easy to read print quality every time
  • Easily load label rolls
  • Set and read pricing easily with the user-friendly dial knob design
  • Customize your own tool
  • Mark thousands of items quickly and reliably

PRIMARK P Series Labelers...We've Added Another Line

METO's PRIMARK brand "P-Series" labelers have become a favorite of Meto customers due to their ease of use, ergonomic design and consistent reliability.

The user-friendly label loading and ink roller exchange systems combine with a compact, light weight construction, to make the P-Series labelers the perfect tools for high and low volume applications, maximizing productivity while reducing operator fatigue. Previously offered in only P-12 and P-14 one-line models, Meto, by popular demand, is adding to this revered series with the introduction of our NEW two-line P-16 model. This model, which was designed based on customer specifications, incorporates all of the most sought after features of its predecessors with the added bonus of A-Z character printing capability. Stock Primark tools are available in one 6-band format for the P-12, and 6 and 8-band formats for the P-14 and two 8/8-band formats for the P-16. If you still can’t find a configuration that suits your needs, choose from an array of available optional stock printbands, or better yet, have your own unique printbands constructed.

METO is a worldwide, full-service label manufacturer that offers a complete line of products to meet your labeling needs.

P-12 Series Labels actual size 19mm x 9mm

P-14 Series Labels actual size 19mm x l2mm

P-16 Series Labels actual size 19mm x 16mm

PRlMARK P-14: 6-Band. One-line Tool Tool Product Code: 147008

PRlMARK P-14: 8-Band. One-line Tool Tool Product Code: 147011


PRlMARK P-16: 8/8-Band. Two-line Tool Tool Product Code: 147402

Prtintbands identical to P-12: 6-band, One-Line Tool. Tool Product Code: 147010

Printbands identical to P-12 6-band. One-Line Tool Tool Product Code: 147010

P-16 tools are also available with complete alpha upper line Tool Product Code: 147403


  • lnnovative ink Roller System - allows easy loading and exchanging, with no mess
  • Ergonomic, Lightweight Design - maximizes productivity while reducing operator fatigue
  • Small, Narrow Profile - fits comfortably in your back pocket
  • Meto Quality - provides solid durability for years of dependable use
  • Optional Standard Printbands - customize tools to fit your special requirements
  • Full A-Z Alpha Capability - available on P-16 models allows you to print text on labels
  • Easy Accessibility - makes loading new label rolls fast and simple

Label Packaging lnformation



P-14 P-16

Qty per Roll

1325 1000 750

Rolls per Box

16 16 16

Qty per Box

21200 16000 12000

Box Weight

2.2 lbs. 2.2 lbs. 2.2 lbs.

Box Dimen.

6.5" x 5.5" x 2.75" 6.5" x 5.5" x 2.75" 6.5" x 5.5" x 2.75"

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