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Three-Line Labeling System
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The perfect labeling system ... wherever the quantity and quality of information counts.

More efficient by design:
  • Full alpha flexibility
  • Easy to load labels and ink rollers
  • Feed mechanism keeps labels running smoothly for more dependable dispensing
  • Our exclusive uniform pressure device ensures consistent print quality
  • Lock-in print feature provides greater accuracy when selecting characters

The three-line labeling system's expanded character capacity makes it ideal for retail, industrial or promotional uses. The system accomodates a wide variety of information, including quality control, work in process, date, SKU, price, and OSHA safety data. With its light, easy-to-use design, the three-line pricemarking and coding tool is versatile and loaded with innovative, high performance features.

The labeling system designed to meet your needs:

  • Choose from our supply of five optional stock print bands: A-M, N-Z, full alpha band, month and unit of measure bands
  • Custom printhead layouts available
  • Custom preprinted labels available in addition to stock labels
  • Each tool equipped with one black ink roller, capable of 18,000 imprints

Labels not shown in actual stock colors
Additional stock and custom labels available.

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