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Apparel Industry Air Jet Shade Marking System
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Fueled to Increase Productivity

Air Jet Features:
  • Specially designed trigger control handle for fast, uniform labeling.
  • Air driven assist reduces fatigue
  • Extra long air hose provides greater mobility.
  • Optional overhead counterbalance can make tool virtually weightless.
  • Precision printheads engineered for long life.
  • Printbands available in 8 or lO digits.
  • Existing manual units can be upgraded.

The Esselte Meto Air Jet flies through your cut fabric bundles. This air powered shade marking system makes ply numbering a faster, less tiresome task. It increases overall productivity in your cutting room by reducing operator fatigue encountered with manual systems. The Air Jet prints, dispenses and applies labels in one swift motion and is available with consecutive number or repeat consecutive number functions.

Custom size or alpha bands are available


A wide variety of labels have been developed specifically for different textile fabrications.

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