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Model 5000
Portable Thermal Printer
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The Model 5000 offers:

  • Complete stand-alone operation; no PC required
  • MAPSTM Technology (Media Application Parameter Set) for accurate bar code imaging
  • PC-style file management capabilities including edit, save, copy and delete functions
  • Ergonomically designed alphanumeric keyboard with full-sized keys, swings at a 180 angle
  • Two-line supertwist LCD display prompts you through editing and indicates battery life
  • Built-in utility for printing a database directory of labels
  • Printing of all popular bar codes
  • Complete logo printing capabilities with standard PCX files
  • Optional rewind and unwind attachments for up to 8” roll diameters

Your Portable and Affordable Printing Solution

With the METO Model 5000 portable thermal transfer printer you can print high-quality bar code labels and tags with the convenience of a stand alone system. Since the 5000 runs under its own operating system, you can freely design and edit media formats without an external PC. Its full size alphanumeric keyboard allows the creation of an unlimited variety of label formats and construction of a database of label references. All files are stored internally or on a credit card sired "Memcard," available in 128K, 256k or 512K sizes.

Offering more printing power than other models that cost hundreds more, the 5000 provides all of the advanced features of a full-sized printer in a compact, easy-to-carry model.

Model 5000
Portable Thermal Printer

Technical Specifications


  • Thermal transfer and direct thermal printing (auto-selecting)
  • Standard internal 128K format/data memory plus 32K of logo memory
    Portable printer driven by rechargeable battery or llOV AC
  • On-line and off-line application
    Supertwist LCD 2-line by 20 character display
    Full-size alphanumeric keyboard
  • 11 different languages selectable for off-line menu guidance
  • Real-time clock for time.and data printing
  • Single label dispensing with intermal rewind of backing paper
  • Programmahle top of form position
  • Built-in self test
  • All popular bar code symhologies
  • MAPSTM (Media Application Parameter Set for accurate bar code imaging


  • 9 sizes
  • Rotation: 0. 90. 180 and 270
    OCR A
  • Fontcards (optional)


  • 8arcode, text, block text, price, logo, weight. date, time, sequential numbering, frames and lines
  • Linking (option)


  • 9” H x 15” W x 9” D


  • 15 lbs (with battery)


  • 3.2 per second max


  • Operating temperature: 41 - 104 F
  • Humidity: 25% - 85%, non-condensing


  • Labels and tags (7.5 point maximum)
  • Maximum media size: 3.9” L x 2.2” W
  • Manimum roll diameter: 4" (inside printer)
  • Minimum media size: 0.75” L x O.6” W (one across)


  • Multi-link feature for powerful field merging
  • Letter-quality fontcards
  • External memory cards in 128K, 256K. and 512K sizes
  • Rechargeable 12V battery (can be recharged while inside printer)
  • External unwind/rewind attachment for label rolls up to 8” in diameter


  • 203 dots per inch (dpi) resolution
  • Dot history control for excellent print quality
  • Maximum image area: 3.9” L x 1.9” W

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