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One and Two-Line Hand-Held Labeling Systems
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PRIMARK P Series Labelers...We've Added Another Line

With Primark labelers you can:
  • Quickly load and exchange ink rollers
  • Rely on easy to read print quality every time
  • Easily load label rolls
  • Set and read pricing easily with the user-friendly dial knob design
  • Customize your own tool
  • Mark thousands of items quickly and reliably

METO's PRIMARK brand "P-Series" labelers have become a favorite of Meto customers due to their ease of use, ergonomic design and consistent reliability.

The user-friendly label loading and ink roller exchange systems combine with a compact, light weight construction, to make the P-Series labelers the perfect tools for high and low volume applications, maximizing productivity while reducing operator fatigue. Previously offered in only P-12 and P-14 one-line models, Meto, by popular demand, is adding to this revered series with the introduction of our NEW two-line P-16 model. This model, which was designed based on customer specifications, incorporates all of the most sought after features of its predecessors with the added bonus of A-Z character printing capability. Stock Primark tools are available in one 6-band format for the P-12, and 6 and 8-band formats for the P-14 and two 8/8-band formats for the P-16. If you still can’t find a configuration that suits your needs, choose from an array of available optional stock printbands, or better yet, have your own unique printbands constructed.

METO is a worldwide, full-service label manufacturer that offers a complete line of products to meet your labeling needs.

P-12 Series Labels actual size 19mm x 9mm
P-14 Series Labels actual size 19mm x l2mm
P-16 Series Labels actual size 19mm x 16mm

PRlMARK P-14: 6-Band. One-line Tool Tool Product Code: 147008
PRlMARK P-14: 8-Band. One-line Tool Tool Product Code: 147011
PRlMARK P-16: 8/8-Band. Two-line Tool Tool Product Code: 147402

Prtintbands identical to P-12: 6-band, One-Line Tool. Tool Product Code: 147010
Printbands identical to P-12 6-band. One-Line Tool Tool Product Code: 147010

P-16 tools are also available with complete alpha upper line Tool Product Code: 147403


  • lnnovative ink Roller System - allows easy loading and exchanging, with no mess
  • Ergonomic, Lightweight Design - maximizes productivity while reducing operator fatigue
  • Small, Narrow Profile - fits comfortably in your back pocket
  • Meto Quality - provides solid durability for years of dependable use
  • Optional Standard Printbands - customize tools to fit your special requirements
  • Full A-Z Alpha Capability - available on P-16 models allows you to print text on labels
  • Easy Accessibility - makes loading new label rolls fast and simple

Label Packaging lnformation

Qty per Roll 1325 1000 750
Rolls per Box 16 16 16
Qty per Box 21200 16000 12000
Box Weight 2.2 lbs. 2.2 lbs. 2.2 lbs.
Box Dimen. 6.5" x 5.5" x 2.75" 6.5" x 5.5" x 2.75" 6.5" x 5.5" x 2.75"

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