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Polled customers and service personnel give 10 good reasons to use Turn-O-Matic. (DNG Research AB)

Customer reasons?

  • 98% "Service is more fair"
  • 94% "It feels good to move around freely"
  • 88% "I use waiting time to look at products"
  • 83% "It reduces stress"
  • 71% "Service seems more efficient"

Service personnel reasons?

  • 75% "We work better together as a team"
  • 70% "We experience less stress"
  • 69% "Customers move around more"
  • 65% "Customer contact is more positive"
  • 55% "Customers buy more"

>> System S3

... the easy way to fair and orderly service whenever the need arises.

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Plug & Play START packs, hard-wired or wireless. Easy expansion with additional Indicators and Push Buttons. Many options...
Improves service for Deli/seafood counters, bakeries, flower shops, auto part stores, garden centers, gift shops, shoe stores, coffee shops, cell phone stores, tourist information, voter & student registration...
Explore S3 System

>> System M3

... the simple path to organized service complex situations.

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Simple plug-in START packs for single or parallel counter service, up to 15 service counters. Easy expansion with additional Indicators and counter-top Keypads. Many options including ‘Repeat Display’...
Improves service for Retail Service counters, Ticket agents/Travel bureau’s,
Entertainment ticket centers, banks, restaurants, order pick-up centers,
medical & dental clinics, pharmacies, government agencies...

>> System L3

... the flexible method for managing customer flow and service staffing.

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Simple plug-in START & PLUS packs for configurations with up to 5 service types and up to 30 service counters. Information displays and signal lamps plus information & statistics from Turn-O-View software. Many options...
Improves service and service management information for Retail Food Service counters, Electronics & Appliances stores, Home furnishing & DIY stores, banks, medical & dental clinics, pharmacies, government agencies...

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